Is This What They Call a Pilaf? (Aka Tuesday’s Kitchen Adventure!)

I’ve never made a pilaf before, but if I did, I think this is what it would/should look like:


This was a spur of the moment recipe.  My nutritionist says I need more protein in my diet, especially since I’ve started weight/strength training.  Well, here you go. 🙂

I cooked some quinoa in vegetable stock and added some green beans and carrots.  But then, while cooking, I saw that I had added too much stock.  Dad had cooked and left me some rice and peas (“kidney beans”), so I just threw that in the pot in the hopes that the rice would absorb the excess stock.  Then I added some tamari sauce (San-J).   I baked Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers from Gardein to complete the meal and “up” its protein content.