Is This What They Call a Pilaf? (Aka Tuesday’s Kitchen Adventure!)

I’ve never made a pilaf before, but if I did, I think this is what it would/should look like:


This was a spur of the moment recipe.  My nutritionist says I need more protein in my diet, especially since I’ve started weight/strength training.  Well, here you go. 🙂

I cooked some quinoa in vegetable stock and added some green beans and carrots.  But then, while cooking, I saw that I had added too much stock.  Dad had cooked and left me some rice and peas (“kidney beans”), so I just threw that in the pot in the hopes that the rice would absorb the excess stock.  Then I added some tamari sauce (San-J).   I baked Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers from Gardein to complete the meal and “up” its protein content.

Quick and Easy Lazy Vegan Dinner

Sometimes (oftentimes?) I’m hungry but I’m too lazy or tired or “meh” to cook.  So I use pre-packaged foods.  I used the following products, followed the instruction on the package, and created a gourmet meal for myself.  The seasoning packet in the McCain package has Parmesan cheese.  That said, you can substitute your own seasoning to make it dairy free (Club House vegetable seasoning is my favorite).

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