True Confessions: I Have Cellulite and It’s Not From Having Babies

I’ve been really, really busy over the past little while (law convocation, searching for jobs, sorting out my life), hence my lack of posting. But I will reblog this, because I’ve been meaning to write a post about this.

It always bothered me when BioOil commercials would come on because it would associate stretch marks with having children. What about those of us who have never had children but have stretch marks? I’ve had stretch marks since my teenage years — years when my skin had trouble keeping up with my growing body. And that’s okay. My brother has stretch marks on his arms — despite the fact and because he’s a body builder. What about those of us who exercise but have cellulite? Sometimes we must turn the generalizations on their head. I love what Lily has written. She says it better than me. 🙂

Lily Ellyn

Yesterday I found some new stretch marks -thin white lines running parallel to each other like the rungs of a ladder climbing up my outer thigh. My heart sank and my shoulders sagged involuntarily under the weight of yet another imperfection.

I’ve seen a lot of articles and videos lately about women embracing their post-baby bodies. About society learning to respect the body of a woman who has stretched herself around another human life. Who has willingly allowed her own body to be “wrecked” for the sake of another person. These articles and videos urge us to see their sagging breasts and wrinkled bellies as beautiful symbols of strength and sacrifice. I applaud that. It’s beyond time that society honored women, especially mothers, for who they are and what they do instead of making any kind of statements about how their bodies should look.

But every time I read one…

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