2014 Resolution: Become More Beautiful

A great piece on beauty by my friend Natasha.

A Girl After God's Heart

You’re ugly.
You’re fat.
Your legs aren’t long enough.
Your hair isn’t shiny enough.
Your skin isn’t smooth enough.

BUT, I have great news!

If you just buy these diamond earrings, this delicious meal replacement shake, these designer shoes, this conditioning shampoo, and these department store lotions, you, too, can be beautiful (read: accepted, valued, loved).

Sound familiar? If not, then maybe you’ve never turned on a TV, opened a magazine or read a billboard. The pressure to be ‘beautiful’ bombards us every day from every angle. And the voices never stop. They beckon, lure, mock, lie, seduce, condemn and sometimes… kill.

But, there is another Voice.

One that also beckons, but with gentleness, compassion and truth. This voice speaks a different message. A message Life. Of Restoration. Of Unconditional Love. And this Voice has its own definition of beauty…

“The Lord sees not as man sees. For man looks…

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