What Did I Do For My Body Today? Make a Satisfying Stir-Fry!

Hello peeps!

It seems like feeding myself is an after-thought nowadays.  When I’m hungry, I’m hungry, so I grab whatever is closest and seems healthy-ish and eat it, almost as if to say, “Here you go stomach.  Now, shut up.”   That’s not the kind of relationship I should be having with my body.

A reaction to a work situation (in which I started crying spontaneously) has really reminded me that I need to listen to my body and what it is telling me.  If I’m so upset that I have a physical reaction to a situation, I need to stop and assess what is going on instead of ignoring my body and ploughing through.  Our bodies are excellent indicators of our physical and emotional well being.

I want to be well, but lately I feel like I’ve been neglecting some aspect(s) in my mind, body, spirit trifecta.

I’ve thus come up with questions that I have decided to ask myself and answer each day in my journal.  Maybe they will help guide some of you all on your journeys to wellness:

  • What did I do for my mind today?
  • What did I do for my spirit today?
  • What did I do for my body today?
  • What am I worried about? (Whatever it is, let go!)
  • What am I thankful for?
  • I’m realizing that these questions are somewhat self-centered.  I would also add: “Who did I bless today?”
  • “Did I do something today that will bring me closer to my dreams/goals?”

So, seven questions.  I like the number seven.  Seven is the number of completion and perfection. 🙂

I admit — I didn’t do much for my mind today.  I had my morning devotional so I did do something for my spirit.  And as for my body?  Although I didn’t make it to the gym today (but I will go to Zumba tomorrow), this is what I did for my body:


It’s a recipe I found on Vega’s My Thrive Kitchen.  You all should check it out!

Keep well! ❤

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