Easy Peasy Sprouted Mung Bean Salad

I have a sprouter!  I sprouted mung beans!  I’ve always wanted to sprout legumes etc. but the jar method looked too complicated.  My nutritionist also advised me to sprout my own beans, since the sprouts in the store could harbor bacteria.  Imagine my surprise then when I saw this sprouter being sold at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival for $25 with a bag of mung beans!  I couldn’t pass it up.

The mung beans took 24 hours to sprout.  I’ve never seen anything grow that fast in my life.  But now another challenge posed itself — how should I eat them?  In a salad of course! I found a can of President’s Choice mixed bean salad in my kitchen, so I opened that up and used that as the base of my salad, adding the mung beans and quinoa (cooked in vegetable stock as per the packages directions).  I also added some olive oil, black pepper, garlic powder, Herbamare et voila!  A protein-packed dinner (with Gardein on the side)!

2013-10-04 16.55.48 2013-10-04 16.55.36 2013-10-04 16.55.32

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