Poutine. Veganized.

I’m a temporary Montrealer, so to not have poutine every once in a while would practically be sacrilegious.  Here is my take on a long-standing Quebec favourite. 🙂  There are basically three essential ingredients:


In the first picture, the gravy was made with some onion powder, flour, soy sauce, and soy milk.  I can’t post the actual recipe because I don’t want to break copyright laws…  It got really thick on me so I constantly had to add more liquids.  Alternatively, you can use vegan gravy mix seasoning packets like I did for the poutine in the third photo.

(Vegan) Cheese

In the first photo, I grated the Daiya havarti cheese wedge.  In the second photo I used the shredded Daiya pepperjack flavour cheese.


By their very nature, fries are vegan (thank God).  Pick your favorite frozen fries and prepare them according to the instructions on the package.

Et voila!

…Come to think of it, this would taste even yummier with chopped up vegan sausage or simulated bacon bits…

DSC03883 DSC03881 DSC03732

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